Texas Tech, WT to continue face mask requirements through spring semester

The Texas Tech Student Government Associated voted Thursday night for the university to keep its current mask mandate and COVID-19 protocols in place despite Governor Abbott’s announcement earlier this week.

Texas Tech issued a statement Friday that it plans to continue to require face coverings and social distancing in classrooms and indoor settings through the remainder of the Spring semester.

The university stated its athletics department will soon issued revised policies on attendance of outdoor sporting events.

Read the full statement below:

Yesterday, the Texas Tech University System released guidance following Governor Abbott’s Tuesday announcement regarding lifting the statewide mask mandate and limitations on indoor capacity effective March 10. Governor Abbott’s executive order provides us the flexibility to continue with our safety protocols as we see appropriate. Following the System’s recommendation, and out of safety considerations for our students, faculty, and staff, and to minimize disruptions, Texas Tech University will continue to require face coverings and social distancing in the classroom and indoor settings through the remainder of the spring semester.

As part of our efforts to provide the traditional college experience to our students, we will maintain flexibility in safely accommodating student activity requests. We will also continue to make investments in outdoor gathering spaces to provide opportunities for greater student social interaction. The new Red Raider Plaza, located adjacent to the Student Union and the University Library, is a primary example of that investment.

The athletics department will soon issue revised policies regarding attendance at outdoor sporting events.

West Texas A&M received worked from the Texas A&M System that the face covering requirement would continue at all of its schools. 

Texas A&M issued the following statement:

Over the past year, the Texas A&M System institutions have done an amazing job in responding to the pandemic and protecting the health of our faculty, staff and students.

With the end of the spring semester only 6-8 weeks away, A&M system members should continue to follow system guidance, “Guidance for Spring Semester of 2021 and Related Issues” issued in October 2020 on testing, face coverings, classes, physical distancing, occupancy limitations, co-curricular activities, among other matters.

Based on our assessment of current conditions, this step will help us successfully complete the semester and is consistent with Gov. Greg Abbott’s order that masking and other protocols should be decided by our institutions, not by the state.

At the conclusion of the spring semester, we anticipate System guidance being lifted so that all rules, procedures and practices regarding classes, travel, face coverings, testing, etc., will be determined locally at your institution informed by your conditions and reviewed by the System.

The System may provide additional guidance this semester or going forward, as conditions warrant.

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