City of Canyon to purchase new EOS sirens

The City of Canyon was authorized on Monday afternoon by the City Commission to purchase five new Outdoor Emergency System (EOS) sirens. The Canyon EOS sirens were proven to be out of date after a failure to sound during last Saturday’s storms.

The last test on the EOS earlier in the year failed due to user error, and testing was rescheduled to Friday, March 12. The Friday test was postponed due to weather as testing is not conducted during overcast cloudy weather conditions. On Saturday, March 13, Canyon Fire Chief Dennis Gwyn went to warn citizens of a tornado southeast of town, but found there were still issues which prevented the activation of the EOS.

“We believed we had addressed the previous issue, but after this weekend’s failure we found new issues in an antiquated system,” said Gwyn.  The new EOS will provide better warning coverage for residents of the City of Canyon, increase reliability through the use of current technology, and will allow the Amarillo Emergency Operations Center the ability to be a backup EOS activation point if needed.

The current Canyon EOS is on two different radio frequencies, a result of different sirens being installed over different periods of time, and only reaches portions of the City. The new EOS will cover larger portions of Canyon and can signal targeted parts of the city that need to be made aware of severe weather conditions.

The City Commission discussed and voted on this issue in their Monday evening meeting and voted in favor of the issue. The installment of all five sirens is set to be finished by the end of this summer.

“Safety of our citizens during a significant weather event is of the upmost importance for Canyon. We appreciate the leadership of the City Commission on being proactive in approving the upgrade of our existing siren system, this will be a game-changer for our current system,” said Joe Price, Canyon City Manager. 

Two of the five new sirens will be placed at the new Spring Canyon elementary school, and 4th  Ave. at  Hix Road. The three remaining locations will be determined during upcoming planning and consultation with the EOS siren manufacturer. Any current sirens will be taken down and decommissioned once the new EOS is installed.

Gwyn also wants to remind residents that these sirens are not meant to be heard in your home, but primarily outdoors. For up-to-date communications on severe weather, residents should rely on their cell phones, local news channels, or weather radios.

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