Charges filed and citations issued by APD after underage drinking party

On Friday, March 5th, 2021, Officers from the Amarillo Police Department received information on an underage drinking party at a residence on Erik Street. Officers wrote 4 citations for underage drinking. 

The department has also filed a complaint under the “Host Liability for Underage Drinking” ordinance in Municipal court. The ordinance was passed in 2020 to hold the hosts of underage drinking parties financially responsible for the costs of the police response in addition to a $300 fine, with the goal of dissuading underage drinking.

Officers volunteer to work on this project on weekends, holidays and other times where underage drinking is indicated. The officers locate these events using tips from the public and social media. Officers also check locations that are known to have high incidents of underage drinking.
The goal of the Amarillo PD is to encourage our entire community to stop minors from drinking, potentially driving, and to prevent tragedies from occurring. If you know of an underage drinking party or someone who is contributing to underage drinking, we encourage you to contact the Amarillo Police Department. 

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call the Student Crimestoppers line at 372-TIPS (8477) or download the P3 app and make a tip there.