Amarillo sales tax revenue continues to increase

In what is a primary indicator of economic performance, sales tax collections for the City of Amarillo (COA) have increased again.

Sales tax collections for March (representing totals from January) were up 8.76 percent from the previous year. This is the second-highest percentage increase in the current fiscal year behind November, which had a 12.8 percent increase in sales tax collections.

COA received $56,870.87 in single local rate collections - or $3.25 million in taxable sales for remote sellers. This is a 105 percent increase compared to remote seller collections in March 2020. For the calendar year, COA sales tax collections are up 4.26 percent compared to last year. 

The Amarillo economy remains strong despite the state of Texas having an overall decrease in sales tax collections of minus-13.3 percent.

“The City of Amarillo is six months into fiscal year 2020/2021, and sales tax revenue is continuing to trend very strong,” said COA Director of Finance Debbie Reid. “People continue to purchase goods and services in Amarillo, and this is great news for the Amarillo economy.”