Lubbock City Council endorses low income housing project

The City of Lubbock is backing a developer’s request to get a tax break for repurposing the Jim Kimmel Center for affordable housing.

The center used to be known as the ‘In Town Inn’ at Main and Ave. K.

City council member unanimously supported a request for a nine percent state tax credit for the project. In doing so, council called the project the most contributing factor toward revitalizing downtown.

The city has completed Citizens Tower and Buddy Holly Hall, two of many projects in its ongoing efforts to revitalize the area. The NTS Tower is also part of that plan and will be renovated into Metro Tower Lofts. The developer wants to turn the Jim Kimmel Center into the ‘Inn Town Lofts’.

It will offer reduced rent to qualifying tenants.

The council’s resolution didn’t specify a timeline for the project.

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