City of Amarillo updates COVID level chart

The City of Amarillo Public Health Department has updated the Amarillo Area Coronavirus Status Levels chart.

The new chart includes an explanation of the criteria used to determine the Status Level color under which Amarillo is operating. The criteria for the Status Levels was developed by Amarillo Public Health and Public Health Authority Dr. Scott Milton, in partnership with local hospital officials.

Status Levels are issued in two-week increments to ensure the level is a response to trends rather than to daily fluctuations. The most recent Level Red status was issued on Wednesday (Feb. 3.) The next Status Level review will be Feb. 17.

Three of the four criteria must be met in order to move to a new level. The chart as well as metrics used to determine levels can be viewed at

It is important to note that the Status Levels are intended to provide a quick reference of the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in Potter and Randall counties. They provide recommendations for community actions; they do not place or remove restrictions on local businesses which were implemented by the State of Texas.