City of Amarillo, partners call for energy conservation

In response to the extreme weather conditions currently impacting the Texas Panhandle, several community partners have joined together to encourage their fellow community members to conserve energy.

On Tuesday afternoon, leaders from the City of Amarillo, City of Canyon, Potter County, Randall County, Amarillo Independent School District (AISD), Bushland ISD, Canyon ISD, Highland Park ISD, River Road ISD, Atmos Energy and Xcel Energy joined a ZOOM call to discuss current demands on the Panhandle power grid. 

Both Atmos and Xcel reported unprecedented demand on the natural gas resources impacting plant fuel sources. As a result, all partners are committed to reducing operations and conserving energy to every extent possible. 

This strategy cannot succeed without the help of all community members. They are asking all citizens to join them in their conservation efforts by:

Turning down thermostats to 68 degrees

Turning off most household lights

Powering down electronics when possible

Avoiding the use of large appliances such as stoves, laundry machines, dishwashers, etc. 

Absent these efforts, there is the very real possibility that a significant number of gas meters throughout the Texas Panhandle may need to be shut off. 

“One thing everybody knows about the Panhandle is that in times of difficulty, we come together,” said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. “We’re in the midst of an historic weather event that is testing our resolve and resources, and I have no doubt that we’ll join together again to take care of each other.” 

Canyon Mayor Gary Hinders echoed Mayor Nelson’s comments: “We’ve faced difficulty before. We’ve been tested before,” Hinders said. “There’s no place I’d rather be during a time like this than in the Panhandle of Texas.” 

Community members are encouraged to check their local municipality websites and social media outlets for information on closures and resources.