Jackson: We shouldn’t return to failed policies of the past

Today Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX-13) issued a statement in response to President Biden’s first executive orders.

“Today has been a unique day in American history, and I am grateful to have had a front row seat. I attended President Trump’s sendoff at Joint Base Andrews followed by President Biden’s inauguration at the Capitol.

I have great respect for the Office of the President, and I will always seek common ground for the betterment of our great country. Likewise, I will always stand firm in my conservative values and advocate for policies that are pro-growth, pro-worker, and pro-American. 

With that said, I am deeply disappointed by some of President Biden’s first executive orders that were signed this evening. Just like that, America is returning to open border policies and undermining our own national interests by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline project. We are even rejoining the World Health Organization though they were complicit in helping China cover up COVID-19 as it began to spread across the world.

We must focus on unity, overcoming COVID-19, and rebuilding our national economy first and foremost. Returning to failed policies of the past will not get us there.”

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