Eastridge Neighborhood Plan begins with website launch, first meeting of advisory committee

The Eastridge Neighborhood Plan kicks off virtually with the launch of the plan website and the first meeting of the Eastridge Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee.

The City of Amarillo, in partnership with Potter County, is developing the plan for the Eastridge neighborhood. This is the fourth neighborhood plan resulting from the partnership. The plans are designed to build organizational capacity, form consensus for goals and strategies among stakeholders and provide a roadmap for future public and private reinvestment.

While other plans included a series of public meetings, Eastridge will begin as an entirely virtual process. A special online engagement platform has been created and is available in different languages. The website is:Amarillo.gov/eastridgeplan.

Opportunities to participate include a neighborhood survey, a community mapping project and creation of the neighborhood SWOT – the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Eastridge. Every resident, business owner and community supporter is invited to participate.

An advisory committee has formed to guide the process. Their first meeting will be Tuesday (January 19) at 5:30 p.m. Applications are still being accepted for those interested in serving in a leadership position.

For more information go to Amarillo.gov/eastridgeplan.

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