$10 million child sex abuse lawsuit filed against Lubbock dentist

Attorney Kevin Glasheen and the personal injury law firm of Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP filed a lawsuit Thursday morning in Lubbock County District Court on behalf of a minor child alleging that he was sexually assaulted by Jason Paul White, DDS.

According to the civil suit, “The amount of the Plaintiffs’ damages is substantial and well in excess of the jurisdictional minimums of this Court. Many elements of damage cannot be determined with mathematical precision. Furthermore, the determination of many of these elements of damage is peculiarly within the province of the jury. Plaintiffs do not at this time seek any certain amount of damages for any particular element of damage, however, Plaintiffs plead that they seek monetary relief in the amount of $10,000,000.00. Plaintiffs plead that the monetary relief sought falls in the amounts set out in Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 47(c)(5). Plaintiffs also seek judgment for all other relief to which Plaintiffs are entitled.”

To protect the identity of the minor child and his parent, their names are withheld, and pseudonyms are used in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states John Doe, a 16 year old, was being groomed into an inappropriate sexual relationship. “Defendant White took the minor child on a hunting trip where he gave him alcohol. Defendant White bought the child a hair grooming tool, had the child pull down his pants, and used the tool to trim the child’s pubic hair. Defendant White told the minor child to send him videos of himself masturbating to repay him for the pubic hair grooming tool. On several different occasions, Defendant White told the minor child to send him videos of himself masturbating. Defendant White explained that he could use the videos in his “porn business” and offered to pay the minor child for the videos once he reached seventeen years of age. Defendant White showed the minor child a video of another minor masturbating and showed the minor child a photograph of Defendant White’s own genitals.

Several business partners are involved in the “porn business” that Defendant White described to the minor child.

Defendant White has solicited minors to engage in sex acts on video for payment and has likely disseminated the images and videos to prominent individuals. Much of Defendant White’s salacious behavior occurred at a ranch in Post, Texas. This ranch is co-owned by Defendant White and his business partner(s). Defendant White used his position to coerce the minor child into an inappropriate relationship and sexually assaulted John Doe. Defendant White’s inexcusable acts have caused severe and permanent emotional distress and trauma to John Doe.

Attorney Kevin Glasheen said, “We are going to do everything the law allows to make Jason White pay for this horrible crime.”

Glasheen says he would like anyone who has information about sexual abuse by Jason White to contact the law firm at 806-203-7996.

The civil lawsuit also states, “Plaintiff John Doe was a minor at all times relevant herein. Defendant White used the trust he gained from Plaintiff Doe to commit acts of sexual assault and sexual battery of Plaintiff Doe. Defendant White also intended to arouse the sexual desire of the child by exposing his genitals to the child, as well as by showing the child a sexually explicit video of another minor child, making the Defendant guilty of indecency with a child. Defendant White committed these acts intentionally and knowingly. As a result of Defendant White’s conduct, Plaintiff John Doe has suffered, and continues to suffer, pain of the mind and body, mental anguish, humiliation, disgrace, psychological repercussions, and emotional distress.”

“Defendant’s misconduct resulted in and proximately caused injury to the minor Plaintiff. Plaintiff’s damages include, but are not limited to, the following:

a. Severe psychological pain and mental anguish;

b. Severe psychological pain and mental anguish that, in reasonable probability, will be sustained in the future;

c. Emotional distress sustained in the past;

d. Emotional distress that, in reasonable probability, will be sustained in the future; and

e. Medical expenses that, in reasonable probability, will be sustained in the future.

WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, Plaintiffs respectfully request the Defendant be cited to appear and answer and that upon final trial by jury, Plaintiffs recover against Defendant the following:

a. Actual compensatory damages and punitive damages;

b. Pre-judgment and post-judgment interest as allowed by law;

c. Costs of court; and

d. Such other, further and different relief to which Plaintiffs may be justly entitled”

Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP is a personal injury law firm that focuses on cases involving catastrophic injuries and death. The law firm has offices in Lubbock, El Paso, Odessa, Austin and Albuquerque.

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