The Trump campaign spent $3 million on a recount in Wisconsin’s two most populous (and Democratic) counties: Milwaukee and Dane (home to the state capital). The recount netted Biden an additional 87 votes, bringing his margin of victory in Wisconsin to 20,695 votes.

While the recount didn’t put a dent in Biden’s lead, it did provide an additional level of transparency and trust that the vote count in Wisconsin was accurate.

The Trump campaign notably did not request recounts in Wisconsin counties that use Dominion voting machines to count ballots, a clear sign that the campaign doesn’t take seriously the crazy conspiracy theory promoted by lawyer Sidney Powell and the president himself.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the Trump campaign is now pursuing a lawsuit to toss out votes cast early in-person votes: 

The campaign claims all early in-person votes in those counties are illegitimate, including ones cast by GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills,  GOP state Rep. Jessie Rodriguez of Oak Creek and Trump campaign attorney Jim Troupis. Democrats, election officials and election attorneys have called the claim preposterous, noting the state has been conducting early in-person voting the same way for a decade without any challenges. 

To date, every Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to toss out large numbers of ballots has been soundly rejected, and there’s every reason to believe the latest effort in Wisconsin will meet the same fate.

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