Trump praises Texas supporters who surrounded Biden-Harris bus

At a rally on Sunday, President Trump praised a caravan of his supporters who surrounded a bus belonging to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which prompted an FBI investigation.

"You know they were protecting [Biden’s] bus yesterday — because they are nice. They had hundreds of cars," Trump told rallygoers in Washington, Mich.

Videos of the incident involving the bus showed about 10 cars with Trump flags attached to them positioning themselves around the bus. Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), were not on the bus.

Speaking to the audience, Trump made note of the line of cars, saying, “Trump. Trump. Trump and the American flag. That’s it. You see Trump and the American flag. You ever notice when you see the other side — I don’t even see much of the other side. You don’t see any — they have no spirit. They have no enthusiasm. They have no nothing.”

On Saturday night, Trump tweeted a video of the incident with the message “I LOVE TEXAS!”

Biden campaign spokeswoman Symone Sanders tweeted in response to the president’s apparent approval, writing, “What the President tweeted in regards to Texas is reckless, dangerous and an intimidation tactic. It’s not something we should come to accept from our leaders. The people of our great country have the opportunity to turn the corner here. VOTE. HIM. OUT.”

Biden campaign officials said on Friday that a group of cars surrounded the bus and attempted to “run it off the road” while on Interstate 35 on the way to Austin from San Antonio.

At one point, the bus was forced to drive at 20 mph, according to officials. A white truck was seen in a video posted online hitting another car as it stayed close to the campaign vehicle. 911 was called, and police safely escorted the bus to its next location.

On Sunday, CNN reported the FBI would be investigating the alleged harassment. 

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