Trump campaign asks Pennsylvania court to declare Trump winner

President Trump's campaign filed a lawsuit on Wednesday over election results in Pennsylvania, arguing that he should be named the winner in the battleground state and that the GOP-controlled state legislature should be given the authority to assign its electoral votes, according to reports.

The suit also argues that the campaign’s constitutional rights were violated because observers were not given adequate access as election officials processed mail-in ballots. 

The claim was dropped in an earlier version of the lawsuit.

The campaign said in its new filing said that the claim was dropped due to a miscommunication among attorneys for the president. It also argues that 1.5 million votes across the state “should not have been counted” and that they led to “returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania.” 

Attorneys for the Trump campaign also criticized a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court earlier this week. The court ruled on Tuesday that election observers had adequate opportunity to watch to the vote-counting process, even if they could not see the individual ballots.

“In contrast to the 2002 International Electoral Standards ... the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck out in a unique direction among democracies and declared that meaningful observers are not part of verification and votes may be counted without any review by political campaigns and parties,” Trump's lawyers wrote in Wednesday's filing. 

The latest suit came one day after U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann appeared skeptical during a hearing in Williamsport, Pa., that the Trump campaign’s call to reject votes was justified in the wake of allegations over poll watching or other claims targeting mail-in ballots, Politico noted.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (D) and the seven counties named as defendants in the lawsuit have called on Brann to throw out the claim from the Trump campaign.

The president's campaign also filed a request earlier this week to disclose election records in the state, including copies of the outside envelopes of some mail-in ballots.

The Associated Press and a slate of other news outlets called Pennsylvania for President-elect Biden last week. The former vice president leads Trump in electoral votes, 290 to 232, according to the AP.  

The president has refused to concede the election and launched legal challenges to election results in states across the country.
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