New mask signage ordinance on agenda next week for Midland City Council

A new proposed mask ordinance in Midland is set to be put to a vote on Monday.

“I voted against the ordinance this week because I knew that I would be proposing this ordinance on Monday,” said councilman Jack Ladd for District 3.

Midland councilman Jack Ladd is putting forth this new ordinance. It would require everyone to wear a mask inside all businesses.

But unlike the first proposal. There would be no fine attached to violations. Instead, this new proposal focuses on signage.

It requires all businesses to place a notice on entrances that a face cover is required to enter.

“Should a business violate this act, whether knowingly or by accident, the business will first receive a warning, and if only that business continues to deny to put up a notice to wear a mask with a face up to a $500 fine,” said Ladd.

Some local business owners don’t agree with the new proposed ordinance.

Jenny Cudd, owner of Becky’s and C.Y.A. Flowers Shop... said the ordinance is an overreach.

“As a business owner, I am not responsible for the choices of free adults,” said Cudd. “Everybody gets to make their own choice. We have been under a state mask mandate since July 2. So if those people choose not to follow that, then I just assume that they fall under one of the 11 exemptions to the mask mandate.”

Former Midland Mayor and restaurant owner Jerry Morales who was against the first proposal of requiring businesses to refuse services to people without a mask, said he agrees with the language of the proposed new ordinance.

“I personally can support the ordinance that has been proposed for Monday asking business owners to post a mask, wear a mask,” said Morales.

Ladd hopes this ordinance will show support to the hospitals while being fair to local businesses.

“It was through talking to business owners why I came up with this plan,” said Ladd.

Previously, the Midland City Council voted not to pass a mask mandate. The mandate failed 6 to 1, with Councilman Trost being the only member in favor of the proposal.

That mandate would have been different than most implemented across the country, as responsibility would have fallen on businesses rather than individuals.

Both Midland and Odessa have a high amount of active COVID-19 cases. Ector County has about a 35% positivity rate. According to Midland hospital officials, MMH is at around 97% capacity for COVID patients.
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