Mayor Nelson makes personal plea to Amarillo citizens about COVID situation

On Thursday, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson posted a personal plea to the citizens of Amarillo concerning the current COVID situation in the city.

"Hello Amarillo. Many people are asking if we are going to issue a stay at home order to slow the surge in COVID cases that is overrunning our hospitals. 

"As a community, we can come together and stop the spread. There is uncertainty about how long this will last. 

"But there are a few things I am certain about. The mayor and council cannot close down businesses in response to COVID. An order shutting down businesses or sheltering in place would come from the Governor alone. 

"I am also certain of this: the best approach is for every Amarillo resident to use the authority they have to stop the spread: are you wearing a mask or choosing to attend a social event? Our citizens can choose what we can’t order - making a responsible choice is so much better than waiting for government to mandate us. 

"A shut down is a costly solution. A more effective solution is for each one of us to wear a mask. I'm grateful to our leaders who are doing what they can to stop the spread of this disease and setting an example. 

Please use your influence and require your employees and customers to wear a mask. Let's fight COVID together!" Nelson posted on Facebook. 

Watch the full video of Nelson's remarks below: