Amarillo voters reject Civic Center expansion/renovation bond proposal

On Tuesday, voters rejected a $275 million bond proposal to expand and renovate the Amarillo Civic Center. A total of 26,376 votes cast in favor of Proposition A, while 42,596 votes were cast against the proposition.

Build Amarillo, a Proposition A proponent, released a brief statement concerning the defeat of Proposition A.

"Despite Proposition A being defeated this evening, members of the Build Amarillo PAC want to thank local citizens for their commitment to moving Amarillo forward.

"Although Prop A did not pass, thousands of people believed in this critical project and voted in favor of redeveloping the Civic Center. This proves that Amarillo residents are ready to take our town to the next level. 

"It’s extremely unfortunate we won’t be doing that in the near future because we have great momentum in Amarillo right now," Build Amarillo member Jason Herrick said.

Alex Fairly, an Amarillo businessman, said it's time to bring everyone togther on the future of the Civic Center. He said a future proposal might include a smaller tax increase and a plan that is better suited for the Amarillo market. 

Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson was disapointed by the outcome, but thanked the voters for taking part in the process.

"Welcome to November 4th. We made it past a very tough election season, and it feels good to be on the other side of election day. We had record voter turnout in Amarillo, and I want to say “thank you” for participating in democracy by voting!

"I hoped we would pass Prop A, but this is where democracy is so wonderful: we asked and the majority of you said “now is not the right time.” The Civic Center project was a big reach during difficult times, but it remains a big need in our city.  Voters, thank you for letting us ask about it. 

"We have had a lot of  uncertainty and fear in 2020, but now the election is behind us. I believe hope leads so much better than fear. Amarillo, let's commit to lead each other with hope and grow our city the way we do best - together," Nelson said.

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