Amarillo ISD leads Texas school districts with number of COVID cases

According to numbers provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Amarillo ISD has the most reported COVID-19 cases of any school district in the state.

Here is breakdown of the latest numbers reported:

New student cases in grades (EE-3): 18

New student cases in grades (4-6): 32

News student cases in grades (7-12): 64

New AISD staff cases: 76

Total cases in grades (EE-3): 41

Total cases in grades (4-6): 80

Total cases in grades (7-12): 292

Total AISD staff cases: 250

Amarillo ISD provided a brief statement concering the latest COVID numbers in the district.

“The combined staff and student rate of COVID-19 in Amarillo ISD remains below two percent, even as cases in our community are surging. 

"When comparing numbers to other school districts, it is important to remember Amarillo ISD is not only one of the larger school districts in the state, but we started school in-person much earlier than many of our other large peer districts in Texas. However, when we look beyond the sheer numbers and focus on the percentage, which is a more informative gauge, our in-person learner to student positive ratio is about 160 on the list, not number one. 

"To be transparent and forthcoming with our families, we keep track of and post COVID data daily to our campus websites. We are also working on ways to help ensure our students or staff have better access to testing in the near future," AISD said.