U.S. Marshals ordered to collect millions from Bart Reagor

It's been nearly a year since a federal judge ordered Bart Reagor to pay more than $49 million to Ford Motor Credit. Now the U.S. Marshals are coming to collect.

According to a writ of execution filed in federal court, they are seeking that amount plus about $700,000 in interest. Interest is increasing by more than $2,000 a day.

The federal court has ordered the marshals to collect goods, lands and homes to reach the amount needed. They have 90 days to return the money to the court.

This is a result of Ford Credit's original lawsuit against the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group filed in 2018. It claimed massive fraud. Since then, more than a dozen employees, including its chief financial officer, have pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges. They are set to be sentenced next year, with the first dates in January.

Reagor has denied any knowledge of a check kiting scheme or any fraudulent activity at the Auto Group.

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