Midland ISD board votes to rename Robert E. Lee to Legacy High School

Wednesday night, after weeks of discussion Midland Lee High School will be renamed to Legacy High School.

The MISD board of trustees listened to nearly two hours of comments from the public.

The board voted 5-2 to change the name to Legacy High School. Not at all the recommendations of what the renaming committee suggested, Legacy of Excellence and Equality.

Co-chair of the renaming committee, Shannon Low said after Wednesday night’s decision, she’s proud of the committee’s work but disappointed with the board’s decision.

“It was a strong committee so I really...you know it’s disappointing to come to the vote and none of the three names be accepted by the board,” said Low.

Others at the meeting expressed how they would feel if the name should change or stay the same.

“The name of Robert E. Lee is associated with white supremacy and the confederacy, so I was really surprised that the board voted to change the name in July. I was very disappointed to hear the name suggestions given by the citizens of the renaming committee. I am against any form of the name Lee,” said Katherine.

Carie McNeil in support of the L.E.E. acronym added, "I am sorry that they are offended. I feel that as adults we should be able to come to the table and we should be able to figure something out, said McNeil. “I don’t want anyone to be offended, I think the acronym is a perfect compromise for both, it takes away all the confederacy in any symbolism that it comes with but it also goes with the idea that you can’t disagree with an idea, it’s a great idea.”

The colors will remain maroon and white and the committee will later reconvene with students to decide on a new depiction of a mascot.