Group launches petition drive concerning Lubbock impact fees

Activists with the Lubbock Compact group want to force city council to vote on a different ordinance than one a committee recently recommended, through a citizen's ordinance.

At issue are impact fees, which are tacked onto the real estate development process. They are intended to help the city pay for infrastructure.

The Lubbock Compact wants southwest Lubbock, specifically development west of Milwaukee Avenue and south of 82nd Street, to have impact fees maximized. Meanwhile, members want older neighborhoods in central, north and east Lubbock to have theirs set at zero.

The Compact claims the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee, in charge of recommending this policy, is filled with developers who are only helping themselves.

"Basically, winners and losers have been chosen, in a sense, where tax dollars are taken from the rest of the city to subsidize southwest Lubbock developments," said Adam Hernandez with Lubbock Compact. "So we're trying to basically have them pay their own way and then be able to have more of those resources available to help the districts where those dollars are actually coming from."

The Compact reports it needs 4,000 signatures by November 3. Since the announcement was made on a federal holiday, we will follow up with the city secretary's office Tuesday for information on how such a petition works.