Lubbock ISD limits capacity at Lowrey Field

In just one week, high school football season begins in West Texas.

Lowrey Field can hold more than 8,000 people but Lubbock ISD Athletic Director, Mike Meeks said the stadium will be a little quieter this year.

"We're going to operate with our 5A schools somewhere around 36 percent," Meeks said. "And our 4A schools somewhere around 41 percent."

The UIL is allowing half capacity, but Lubbock ISD is lowering that to allow marching bands and spirit squads to attend, and socially distance.

"We want it to look as normal as possible and get as many people in here as we can," Meeks added.

A new plan rolled out this year, is an online option for purchasing tickets.

"The purpose for the online tickets is to reduce traffic at our schools and reduce traffic in our office with people coming by to pick up tickets," Meeks said.

The athletes' parents have first dibs to these tickets on Mondays before games. Pre-sales are then available to the public on Tuesday.

"We think it'll be a good thing," Meeks said. "We're excited about the change."

Masks are required to enter Lowrey Field and temperatures will be taken at the gate.

"Once you're seated and socially distanced, we'll allow you to take your masks down and cheer for your team," Meeks said.

With the restrictions and concerns of the virus, Meeks realizes many people may be unable to attend games in-person.

"We're also going to provide some options for them with streaming broadcasts through the NFHS network," he said.

Meeks said he is eager for the season to begin and the athletes are too.

"We just last week completed nine weeks of summer strength and conditioning, and things have gone very well," he said. "Our kids have earned the right to be able to play and to return to some type of normalcy is good medicine for us right now."

The first game at Lowrey Field is set for September 4th featuring Estacado and Dumas.