Tri-State Fair cancelled due to COVID-19

On Wednesday, the Amarillo Tri-State Exposition Executive Board of Directors announced that the 2020 Tri-State Fair has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We, as a board, would like nothing more than to feel that the thing to do is to hold the Fair without modifications,” said Virgil Bartlett, general manager, Tri-State Fair & Rodeo. “However, our current circumstance with public health do not allow for that to happen.”

Bartlett said the board has not made a final decision on the PRCA Rodeo.

“We have tabled the rodeo in hopes of having a better feel in the coming weeks for where we are with social distancing prior to setting a reserved-seating diagram in the Amarillo National Center and selling tickets for the rodeo,” said Bartlett.

The board plans to move forward with several other events at the fair grounds including the youth market livestock shows, equine shows, bantam show, and ag mechanics show.