Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Vega passes away from COVID-19

After being hospitalized with COVID-19, Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Vega has died, according to the Texas Chief Deputies Association.

Earlier this week, Sheriff Vega was airlifted to receive treatment in Dallas after spending about two weeks hospitalized in Lubbock where he was on a ventilator for nine days. The Chief Deputies Association reported Friday morning that the treatment appeared to be working and that he was improving. 

Vega served as the president of the Chief Deputies Association from 2015-2016. He won the Republican primary on his way toward re-election as Lynn County Sheriff in March. 

Sheriff Vega’s wife Rachel did reach out and say that while her husband was at Covenant during his fight with COVID-19, he had an amazing team of doctors and nurses who tried every option to help him.

She says they truly cared and they are so grateful.