Hereford to be home of new $1.17 million multi-use sports complex, youth club soccer program

Thanks to the generosity of several local donors, Hereford Sports & Wellness will soon break ground on a brand new state-of-the-art synthetic turf multi-use sports complex. Hellas Construction will install the 2.79 acre playing field using their Fusion H XP2 product. This is the same turf that was used in the new Buffalo Stadium on the campus of West Texas A&M University. The total project is estimated to cost $1.17 million and will sit just south of the Cavniess Sportsplex located at 525 S Kingwood in Hereford.

The complex will provide the organization with a low maintenance year-round playing surface that can play host to all of its current outdoor sports programs including youth soccer, youth t-ball, as well as youth and adult flag football.

The field will consist of a regulation soccer field capable of hosting high school soccer games. Hereford Sports & Wellness plans to organize a youth club soccer program, which will also include high school teams for boys and girls. The organization also hopes to begin an outdoor soccer league for adults.

The turf layout will also contain two fields for flag football for youth and adults. In addition, the complex can play host to four t-ball games at one time as well.

“We see so many opportunities for the use of this new space,” states Jimmy Lackey, President & CEO for Hereford Sports & Wellness. 

“This new venue, packaged with the adjacent Caviness Sportsplex, gives our Director of Programs, Joe Cabezuela, a much better opportunity to plan for and organize numerous sports opportunities for both our youth and adult constituencies.”

Lackey continues by saying, “We are so grateful to those who have supported our organization over the past three-and-a-half years. We want Hereford to have the very best in terms of facilities. With the Weldon Knabe Activities Center, the Caviness Sportsplex, and now this new outdoor complex, Hereford will have the very best when it comes to comprehensive sports and wellness facilities.”

“We enjoy offering sports and wellness programs for youth and adults here in Hereford,” says Director of Programs Joe Cabezuela. “As we look to a future beyond the COVID situation, our goal is always to promote quality sports programs for the youth in our community. We hope their participation ultimately benefits our high school and junior high programs. We also want to make sure our adult participants have the same chance to compete in sports programs and get the exercise we all need. This new sports complex gives us the best chance to accomplish all of these goals.”

Cindy Simons, who serves as the chairperson for the Hereford Sports & Wellness Board of Directors, is excited for the new addition. “Our Board of Directors was unanimous in supporting this project. There are so many positive things happening with this organization. We are extremely grateful to our members and the donors who continue to support everything we do. To accomplish the fundraising goals that allow us to get this project underway, given the recent issues related to the coronavirus, is absolutely amazing. Good things are happening in our community and this is another example of that progress.”

Lackey says there is still approximately $195,000 to raise in order to complete all of the projects the organization has in store for the new facility. “We have sufficient funding to get the field constructed, fenced in, and the equipment necessary to play games immediately upon completion. Additional items like bleachers, permanent scoreboards, and some exterior landscaping can be done over time as additional funds allow. I have no doubt there will be others who will step up to the plate and help us with these items.”

Craig Wilfong, Vice President for Hereford Sports & Wellness hopes that local schools will be able to utilize the facility as well. “With the Caviness Sportsplex and this new outdoor space sitting side-by-side, we hope that our local schools can use the venue for special field trips and other activity-related needs. While this facility will provide something for all ages, seeing kids enjoying our facilities is very rewarding.” Hellas plans to begin construction on the project on or before September 1. The deadline for completion is December 31, 2020.