United Supermarkets parent company commits $5 million to social justice

Albertsons Companies today announced a $5 million donation to social justice organizations as well as those on the front line of the fight for equality. 

“Racial justice and equality cannot be achieved by people returning to the status quo. We must intentionally open a door to lasting change across our country,” said President and CEO Vivek Sankaran. “We’ve seen unity in the seas of people throughout the country demanding justice for those whose lives were senselessly taken and calling for an end to hatred, intolerance and systemic racism. We will be part of the solution by helping our communities lay the foundation for racial equality and social justice.” 

The first step the company took was a conversation where executive leaders listened to African American associates and several of its Associate Resource Groups. The company’s leadership heard that they should hold similar conversations with their own teams throughout the organization – which it has already initiated – and take concrete action to foster lasting change. 

Albertsons Companies today announced:

$2 million donation toward the social justice efforts of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and the National Urban League Inc.

$1 million donation toward the company’s African American Associate Resource Group’s efforts to partner with local organizations who are working to support communities and neighborhood actions throughout our market areas

$1 million reserve fund for social justice and diversity initiatives in the future, including community outreach, supplier diversity and ongoing education

Late last week, Jewel-Osco Foundation committed $1 million to the City of Chicago’s Together Now fund. The fund was initiated with a $10-million city commitment to address immediate needs of small businesses. Jewel-Osco Foundation was the fund’s first outside donor.

“Courageous conversations can lead to bold actions and push the societal change we need,” continued Sankaran. “This dialog requires collectives of friends, co-workers, students, community organizers, business leaders, and elected officials committed to building strategies to combat systemic racism and disparate treatment of people of color. We hope to be a catalyst for change and a resource for community organizations as our country works toward social justice.” 

United Family management has already begun hosting what will be ongoing conversations with store and corporate teams to open communication channels on this very important topic. Through these conversations, leadership will be given the tools to address their own team members on these important issues. 

Sidney Hopper, president of The United Family said, “Now more than ever, we want to foster an environment of open communication. As we traverse a historic time in the fight for equality, the United Family wants to do our part to improve our communities for everyone. That means creating a space where our team members and leadership can speak frankly about issues we are facing today.”