Texas Tech remains one of top universities in the world

Texas Tech sent out a release announcing its ranking based on the Center for World University Rankings for 2020-21, which gathers and lists the top 2,000 of over 20,000 institutions around the world, as one of the top collegiate institutions in the world.

Tech ranks 112 in the U.S. institution rankings and is included in the top 75 public colleges, according to the release. The Center for World University Rankings ranked Tech in the top 2% of colleges for the third year in a row, reinstating Tech's values as a top research institute.

“It is gratifying to see Texas Tech University included among the top 2% of universities in the world,” Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said, according to the release. “While there are a number of different rankings using various criteria, the Center for World University Rankings are particularly meaningful because they measure the research and scholarly activity of our faculty as well as the successful placement and accomplishments of our graduates.”

In concurrence with the Center for World University rankings, the U.S. News and World Report global rankings from Oct. 2019 also ranked Tech 122 in the U.S. and 450 in the world, and the 2020 QS Rankings, also listing Tech within the top colleges globally, according to the release.

The Center for World University Rankings used seven factors to rank the top institutions in the world, according to the release:

Alumni Employment (25%): number of alumni that obtain top executive positions in large companies around the world that are relative to the institution's size 

Quality of Education (25%): number of alumni who have been honored with major academic distinctions in accordance with the size of the university

Academic Honors (10%)

Research Performance:

Research output (10%): total number of research papers put out in the last decade

High-quality publications (10%): number of research papers featured in top scientific journals 

Influence (10%): number of research papers appearing in highly influential journals

Citations (10%): number of research papers cited frequently

Within the Center for World University Rankings, Tech received the highest score in alumni employment at 467 and research performance at 416. Since 2016, the university has appeared in 131 public and private colleges in the United States in the “Higher Research Activity” category, or “Carnegie Tier One,” by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

For a full list of the rankings, visit cwur.org.