MLB to close spring training facilities in Arizona, Florida

Major League Baseball decided to temporarily close all spring training camps in Arizona and Florida after multiple teams reported positive COVID-19 tests Friday.

An anonymous high-ranking official from MLB informed USA Today and ESPN about the decision, following an announcement Friday that an additional five Phillies players tested positive while training in Clearwater, Fla.

Other teams such as the Toronto Blue Jays and San Francisco Giants closed their facilities in Dunedin, Fla. and Scottsdale, Ariz. following reports from several players experiencing symptoms of the virus.

MLB is slated to resume spring training in a matter of two weeks, but recent upticks of virus cases in over 20 states across the nation have called the already struggling baseball league's attempts to resume its season into question.

Commissioner Rob Manfred will reportedly mandate a start to the MLB season Monday if owners and players cannot come to an agreement.

Team owners want a 60-game season while players are requesting a 70-game season, although the league does not want to see playoffs extend longer than October, citing concerns of a second COVID-19 wave in November.

On Thursday, Florida reported 3,207 new cases while the state hit an 11th day of records in its rolling case average.

Arizona also reported a new high of 2,519 cases, and hospitalizations have doubled in the state since the Memorial Day holiday.