City of Guymon gives update on water well situation

As been the mode of operation over the past three to four weeks, the City of Guymon management met with the operations crews to receive a briefing on the city's water wells.  

"Today’s briefing was a bit more optimistic than previous meetings but we still have a lot of work which is required and we will continue to request the citizens of Guymon for their assistance," the city said in a statement.

The motor is still slated to be replaced on Well #21 on June 17th. City staff is hopeful this will repair this water well and it will be fully operational once this work is complete.  But this water well may also have a bent shaft. If this is the case, it will take this well out of commission until the shaft can be repaired and the well can be recertified by ODEQ.  

As reported previously, Well #28 has been out of commission for repairs due to a hole in the casing.  The patch for this casing had to be fabricated and shipped from California.  It has arrived and work will start to repair this water well today.  

If all goes as planned Well #28 will be tested and back in work condition by Friday, June 19th.

The most current numbers show the City of Guymon is pumping 71% of maximum capacity.  With this in mind, staff believes the water distribution system can support odd/even watering days.  The way this will work is if you have an even-numbered house you will water on even-number days and odd-numbered houses will water on odd-numbered days.  

As long as Guymon can maintain at least 75% of maximum capacity pumping rate, city staff believe this system of watering can be supported.  

If the situation changes city staff will let citizens know.