MLB predicts billions in losses

Major League Baseball (MLB) is predicting the organization will lose an average of $640,000 for each game in the 82-game season this year, according to a memo sent to the players’s union Tuesday obtained by the Associated Press.

On Monday the owners of MLB approved a plan that could start the season around July 4 in ballparks without fans. The sports industry, which has been threatened by the stay-at-home put in place because of the coroanvirus pandemic, generates billions in direct revenue and through advertising.

The empty stadiums are projected to cost the $10 billion industry a $4 billion loss this season. Of the revenue that does come in this year, 89 percent will go toward paying players.

According to the AP, the New York Yankees alone are projected to lose $312 million, making them them the hardest-hit team in the league.

The Los Angeles Dodgers plan to lose $232 million in local losses, followed by the New York Mets at $214 million then the Chicago Cubs at $199 million.

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President Trump, who has pushed for quick reopening to stimulate the economy, has expressed an eagerness to return fans to stadiums.

Last week Trump celebrated the return of UFC matches this month, saying it was "important" as parts of the nation reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Get the sports leagues back. Let’s play. You do the social distancing and whatever else you have to do," Trump added. "But we need sports. We want our sports back."

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