Lubbock's Zach’s Club West to reopen Monday, defying Governor Abbott’s executive order

Lubbock's Zach’s Club West plans to reopen this coming Monday. The business claims Abbott's executive order barring people from visiting gyms is "too vague to enforce.”

"We support our leaders, but when that comes to infringing on our Civil Liberties and Constitutional rights and losing our business, that’s something we simply cannot allow to continue. We have done all that has been asked of us and have been closed along with everyone else. This will come to an end on Monday, May 4th.

"Physical health is something we can work on everyday to protect us from this virus. We could throw every statistic at you, about those with preexisting conditions, high blood pressure and obesity that have been affected the most by this, but we won’t. That information is readily available and repeated by media agencies around the world daily. Going to movie theaters, out to eat, to museums, malls and other social outlets most definitely improves mental health and well-being, allows you to feel a bit more human and connected to your family, friends and community, but it does very little for your physical health and the possibility of exposure is the same.

"From mental and physical health, increased levels of confidence and motivation to decreased levels of anxiety and depression, the ability to exercise and workout far exceeds any benefit one will get from other activities currently available.

"Judge Mark Keough who said Tuesday that Abbott’s order was too vague to enforce “The governor needs to say these businesses are closed until further notice. The order does not say that. It says the people shall avoid these businesses,” Keough said.

"We are aware that many in the community will be against this decision. We have accepted that and respect their opinions. We are not telling our members they have to come, but instead, we are open if you want to. If you do not feel comfortable, continue to take precautions, shelter in place and when you are ready, we will be here.

"The reoccurring theme of “We will get through this together” is something that many resonate with this being all over. For Zach’s Club West, this statement is us standing up for our rights, what’s best for our business and what our members want. To give them a sense of normalcy and for those who want it, an outlet to become better healthier versions of themselves," Zach' Club West said in a statement.

The business said it would take the following steps to ensure the safety of its members:

· Hours of operation will be limited, as well as capacity.

· Members will have to socially distance themselves and clean equipment thoroughly after each use. (our equipment is already 6 ft apart)

· No sign ups for new members.

· Hand washing and sanitizing stations

· Staff on hand to clean and sanitize work stations

· Temperature taken at the door

· Showers and gym towels not available

· 25% building capacity strictly followed

Lubbock City Councilman Steve Massengale, co-chair of the Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force, said if a gym reopens on Monday, it would be in violation of the governor’s order and would be at risk of getting a citation.