COVID-19 cases surpass 2200 across the Tri-State area

As of Tuesday, May 5, there are now 2229 confirmed COVID-19 cases across the Tri-State area. In response to a recent request from Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in Amarillo aiding with the city’s response to COVID-19.

The CDC’s primary focus in this effort is to assess and provide recommendations to the meatpacking plant industry in the Texas Panhandle related to COVID-19. The meatpacking plant industry is the location of COVID-19 “hot spots” in the Texas Panhandle area.

The CDC will be implementing similar strategies developed in addressing the meatpacking plant industry in Colorado. About 41 percent of COVID-19 positive tests reported to the Amarillo Public Health Department are related to the meatpacking plant industry.

Below is a breakdown by county:

Cases in the Texas Panhandle:

Armstrong County: 2
Briscoe County: 1
Carson County: 1
Castro County: 15
Childress County: 1
Collingsworth County: 1
Cottle County: 2
Dallam County: 12
Deaf Smith County: 37
Donley County: 25
Gray County: 68
Hansford County: 11
Hartley County: 5
Hemphill County: 1
Hutchinson County: 19
Lipscomb County: 2
Moore County: 434
Ochiltree County: 25
Oldham County: 3
Parmer County: 10
Potter County: 907
Randall County: 310
Roberts County: 2
Sherman County: 19
Swisher County: 10
Wheeler County: 9

Recoveries in the Texas Panhandle:

Castro County: 10
Dallam County: 3
Deaf Smith County: 11
Donley County: 21
Gray County: 24
Hansford County: 1
Hutchinson County: 2
Moore County: 153
Potter County: 80
Randall County: 69
Sherman County: 6
Swisher County: 4
Wheeler County: 4

Deaths in the Texas Panhandle:

Castro County: 1
Hansford County: 2
Hartley County: 1
Ochiltree County: 1
Oldham County: 1
Moore County: 6
Potter County: 12
Randall County: 3

Cases in Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 19
Quay County: 4
Roosevelt County: 10
Union County: 3

There is one death related to COVID-19 in Eastern New Mexico.

Cases in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver County: 8
Cimarron County: 1
Texas County: 252

There have been three deaths and 96 recoveries in the Oklahoma Panhandle.