COVID-19 cases near 1700 in Tri-State area

There are now 1699 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Tri-State area. As part of the City of Amarillo’s response to COVID-19, the City of Amarillo’s Community Development Department has moved 60 individuals from the Salvation Army to alternative housing, such as hotels.

The move, made possible through grant funds, helps provide adequate social distancing space at the Salvation Army. The individuals will remain in alternative housing indefinitely to help ensure public safety and the safety of individuals at the Salvation Army.

“This is a chance to help keep all of Amarillo safe in response to COVID-19,” said COA Director of Community Development Juliana Kitten. “It is also a chance to help those less fortunate as we all try to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.”

The move has made it necessary to provide furniture for individuals in alternative housing.

A drive-thru donation drive has been scheduled on May 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Amarillo Civic Center.

Donations can be dropped off through a drive-thru service, with health precautions in place. Items needed include bedroom furniture (wrapped queen-size mattresses and box springs, blankets and pillows), living room furniture (lamps, couches and coffee tables), kitchen ítems (silverware, plates and pans) and bathroom ítems (bath towels and shower curtains.)

Below is a breakdown of cases by county:

Cases in the Texas Panhandle:

Armstrong County: 2
Carson County: 1
Castro County: 13
Childress County: 1
Collingsworth County: 1
Cottle County: 2
Dallam County: 10
Deaf Smith County: 30
Donley County: 25
Gray County: 52
Hansford County: 7
Hartley County: 5
Hemphill County: 1
Hutchinson County: 15
Lipscomb County: 1
Moore County: 350
Ochiltree County: 21
Oldham County: 3
Parmer County: 6
Potter County: 684
Randall County: 256
Roberts County: 2
Sherman County: 19
Swisher County: 9
Wheeler County: 8

Recoveries in the Texas Panhandle:

Castro County: 10
Dallam County: 2
Deaf Smith County: 11
Donley County: 21
Gray County: 16
Hansford County: 1
Hutchinson County: 2
Moore County: 153
Potter County: 67
Randall County: 64
Sherman County: 6
Swisher County: 4

Deaths in the Texas Panhandle:

Castro County: 1
Hartley County: 1
Ochiltree County: 1
Oldham County: 1
Moore County: 5
Potter County: 9
Randall County: 3

Cases in Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 17
Quay County: 4
Roosevelt County: 9
Union County: 3

There is one death related to COVID-19 in Eastern New Mexico.

Cases in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver County: 3
Cimarron County: 1
Texas County: 138

There have been 40 recoveries and 1 death in the Oklahoma Panhandle.