APD issues statement about planned protests

The Amarillo Police Department issued a statement concerning several planned protests in Amarillo over the next few days. 

"We fully support the constitutionally protected right for people to peacefully assemble.  Our officers will stand guard to protect your right to speak your voice in protest. 

"If needed, we will walk with you to keep you safe and to keep our city safe.  Please beware of individuals who might try to interrupt your rights with violence or destruction.  

"Persons who damage property or assault anyone will not be tolerated and will be removed from the area and arrested," the APD said.
Amarillo police chief Martin Birkenfeld also issued a statement.

"The Amarillo Police Department has a culture of ethical policing.  Intentional mistreatment of any person has not and will not be tolerated.  

"The incomprehensible actions of a small number of officers who violate our ethics do not represent the vast majority of police officers who do excellent work every day.  

"We have a wonderful community in Amarillo and our police officers will continue to uphold our core values and take good care of the people that we proudly serve.
"Thank you for helping us keep Amarillo a safe place for all to live, work, and play," Birkenfeld said.