149th Fighter Wing to flyover Lubbock in support of local hospitals and health care workers

The 149th Fighter Wing, The “Gunfighters”, a squadron of Texas Air National Guard F-16 fighter jets, will flyover Lubbock around 9:30-10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 11, in support of local hospitals, health care providers, and caregivers.

Lubbock physician, Colonel Larry Warmoth, a Gunfighters for 14 years, and the military for 29 years will retire from the Guard this December. Dr. Warmoth has cared for patients at both Covenant Health and UMC Health System and wanted to do something special for both hospitals, as well as other local health care workers.

The Gunfighters are made up of 30 pilots who fly the F-16, the fighting Falcon (the pilots refer to it as the Viper). The Gunfighters pilots for Monday are Kuda, Motown, Dirty, and Jaws. They will come into Lubbock heading east over Covenant Children’s and to Covenant Medical Center before banking north and heading to UMC’s and TTUHSC campus.

While this is a treat for local health care workers, this flyover can be enjoyed by the entire Lubbock community and we encourage everyone to find a spot in central Lubbock to enjoy the event, while maintaining safe practices like social distancing.