GREAT NEWS: Amarillo announces first COVID-19 recoveries

The City of Amarillo announced today (April 2) the first two confirmed recoveries from COVID-19 (coronavirus). Both individuals are Randall County residents. Due to privacy concerns, additional information regarding the patients is not available.

The two individuals tested positive for COVID-19. Both are now symptom-free and have completed the isolation process.

“We want to take each one of these wins and each bit of positive momentum and let the community know that we are fighting this together,” said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. “Our staff has been powering through long hours and emotionally draining days. We are making progress, and we should be filled with hope.”

“We don’t have visibility of patient conditions outside of Randall and Potter counties since they are out of our jurisdiction,” said City of Amarillo Public Health Director Casie Stoughton. “We will make every effort to report recoveries as they are confirmed in Potter and Randall counties.

“We want the whole community to celebrate each time we are able to confirm a patient recovery from coronavirus.”