Empty parking lots and closed doors for many area businesses

Closed to the public
By Nicole Butcher

Fewer cars on the streets, empty parking lots, closed doors. These have become a common sight as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen, driving governments at every level to take measures against its spread, ordering people to stay home and businesses to slow operations or close altogether. These measures are becoming increasingly apparent, even in rural areas and small towns that are normally far removed from events of this scale.

In Canyon, whether it’s on 23rd street or the town square, parking lots are sitting empty as the mayor’s stay at home order takes effect following multiple cases of community spread within the community. The order has caused difficulties for businesses both large and small. Many, like Burrowing Owl Books and Thompson’s Gifts, have closed their doors until the end of the directives in order to protect customers and staff.

Many nonessential, “low risk” businesses, however, are remaining open in various ways while maintaining compliance with the city’s guidelines. Some in particular are taking advantage of the internet and online payment by offering curbside pickup, in addition to several chain-restaurants continuing drive-through services. Even some non-service related businesses are taking this approach, with several, including thrift shops and gift stores, are providing customers with online ordering and curbside pickup for goods.

Although the temporary changes, closures, and precautions are causing problems and discomfort, they do signify a hopeful trend that the orders and advice of officials and professionals are being followed, and that, as a result, the current situation could improve far sooner than the worst-case scenario. Further, they show a motivated spirit that is certainly going to be needed over the upcoming weeks as the pandemic continues.