COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Tri-State area

As of Monday, April 13, there are now 269 COVID-19 cases in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma Panhandle, and Eastern New Mexico. Below is a breakdown by county:

Hemphill County: 1
Gray County: 13
Moore County: 34
Swisher County: 4
Potter County: 79
Randall County: 73
Castro County: 11
Deaf Smith County: 7
Oldham County: 3
Donley County: 22
Dallam County: 1
Hutchinson County: 3
Hansford County: 1

Recoveries in the Texas Panhandle:

Deaf Smith County: 2
Potter County: 4
and Randall County: 5
Moore County: 5

Deaths in the Texas Panhandle:

Oldham County: 1
Castro County: 1
Potter County: 2
Randall County: 2

Cases in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver County: 1
Texas County: 4

There has now been one death in Texas County.

Cases Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 10
Roosevelt County: 1
Quay County: 1