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City of Lubbock confirms 13 new COVID-19 cases, 4 more deaths

The City of Lubbock confirmed another four COVID-19 related deaths on Tuesday, following Monday's record-high of five deaths. In total there have been 25 deaths due to the virus.

In addition to today's deaths, the city also confirmed 13 more cases of COVID-19, the second lowest total of confirmed cases in a single day since April 7. Yesterday's case total of just 10 cases marked the lowest single day total since April 5.

There are now 330 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 220 of those considered active. There have been 25 total deaths related to the virus and 85 cases are now listed as recovered.

The Lubbock City Council convened for a virtual regular meeting Tuesday to provide an update on what the city is doing to prepare for the upcoming months amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With certain small businesses suffering from closures, the council also discussed the possibility of reopening businesses and what precautions would be needed to make that possible.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope said he is planning to implement an economic recovery task force later this week to act as advisers for the council.

"The economic recovery task force will be a blue-ribbon group of citizens including a couple of members of this commission, this council whose job, sole job, would be to advise this council on actions needed to be taken to restart our economy while at the same time providing for a safe Lubbock."

Some goals of the task force will include saving lives and the livelihood of the community, working to get life in Lubbock back to normal and exploring and advising what daily life is like after the pandemic to prepare for a new norm, Pope said. The group, once put together, will begin immediately and report and make recommendations to the City Council based on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decisions and the current local situation.

"This group will be a broad-based group of citizens representing all walks of life in our community including business, health professions, education, not-for-profits and our faith community," he said. "It will include representatives from those businesses most impacted by COVID-19."

Regarding possibly reopening businesses during the pandemic, Pope said responsibility is needed.

"[Abbott] made it very clear yesterday that it would not be, I think, to use his words, a storm-the-gates type of reopening," he said. "It would be measured, it would be responsible and it would be taking the advice of the public health and medical communities."

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