Ammonia leaks forces evacuation of Llano Logistics Inc.

Saturday afternoon, the alarm on monitoring systems at Llano Logistics alerted management to an ammonia leak in an isolated refrigeration room at the facility. The plant was immediately evacuated of about 50 team members.

The leak was contained to an isolated area, so there was no perceptible ammonia odor and no exposure to team members.

Lubbock Fire and Rescue responded to the call and assisted in closing the leak and the building was cleared for work to resume at about 4 p.m.

Cash Eagan, general manager of Llano Logistics said, “The monitoring system did exactly what it was designed to do and our team members responded perfectly to clear the building, exactly as we practice. I am really proud of our team members.”

Llano Logistics Inc., located at 5801 MLK Boulevard, is a part of The United Family.