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Amarillo City Council votes 5-0 to extend stay-at-home directive

City of Amarillo
By a unanimous 5-0 vote, Amarillo City Council approved today (April 14) extending the stayat-home directive for residents of the City of Amarillo. The directive is now effective through April 30. The directive may be extended by future action of the Amarillo City Council. The original directive was enacted March 30.

“Amarillo residents are responding to this stay-at-home directive. They are doing what is necessary to protect themselves, their neighbors and their community by helping to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Ginger
Nelson. “It has been so inspiring to see Amarillo embrace the ‘All In Amarillo’ campaign.

“By maintaining the commitment Amarillo has shown the past two weeks – staying at home as much as possible, adhering to social distance and personal hygiene guidelines such as regular hand-washing and keeping travel at a minimum – Amarillo’s success in stopping the spread of COVID-19 will continue, and will help bring this temporary crisis to an end much sooner. Amarillo residents have shown so much hope and resolve the past few weeks, and this has made a difference in keeping our community safe.”

Under the stay-at-home directive, residents are allowed to travel for supplies such as groceries and items needed for their health. Essential travel is allowed, and is generally defined as travel for essential personal activities and work services. These include travel to care for vulnerable people, to get educational materials, to attend funerals and to fulfill a court order.

Generally, anything related to the health and safety of citizens, upkeep of homes and cars, education, banking and services for business continuity is allowed. Health-related instructions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 are still in effect, including social distancing guidelines.

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