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Amarillo City Council to vote on ending or extending 'All-In Amarillo' order: 231 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tri-State area

Next week, the Amarillo City Council will vote to end or extend Mayor Ginger Nelson's “All-In Amarillo” order. Nelson said an extension of the order may be necessary in the city's continuing fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“We are currently gathering data to find out whether or not we can end it at that time or whether we need to extend it.

“Some of the data we are looking at is, what’s our hospital capacity, and how do we think we are trending with our hospital capacity? What’s our testing capacity, and how are we trending on the number of tests we have done, as well as the number of tests we are capable of doing? How are we trending on our cases, our positive results on those tests? Are we trending up? Are we seeing a reduction on those cases? Are we seeing a sustained reduction on cases?” Nelson said during the City of Amarillo's Friday COVID-19 update.

Dr. Scott Milton, Amarillo’s public health authority, said an extension of the order is a good idea could save more lives.

“I think that if we were to extend that another couple of weeks, I hope that we could save even more lives. I think so, based on what we are seeing thus far.

“We still have new cases and expect we will continue to find new cases as we continue to test. But it’s fair to say that the rate of increase seems to have slowed.

“As time goes on, we will have more and more individuals who will recover from COVID. There is evidence that antibodies produced by individuals fully recovered from COVID can be administered to individuals who are currently ill and improve their status," Milton said.

There are now 231 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma Panhandle, and Eastern New Mexico. Below is a breakdown by county:

Hemphill County: 1
Gray County: 12
Moore County: 28
Swisher County: 3
Potter County: 66
Randall: 60
Castro County: 11
Deaf Smith County: 7
Oldham County: 3
Donley County: 21
Dallam County: 1
Hutchinson County: 2
Hansford County: 1

There have also been six deaths in the Texas Panhandle:

Oldham County: 1
Castro County: 1
Potter County: 2
Randall County: 2

Cases in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver County: 1
Texas County: 4

There has now been one death in Texas County.

Cases in Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 9
Roosevelt County: 1

These cities and counties are currently under stay-at-home orders:

Potter County
Deaf Smith County
Gray County
City of Amarillo
City of Canyon
Randall County
City of Pampa
City of Lefors
City of Hereford
Hansford County
City of Gruver
City of Spearman
City of McLean
Castro County
Donley County
Wheeler County
Swisher County
City of Perryton
Ochiltree County
City of Tulia
Armstrong County
City of Claude

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