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Amarillo announces new COVID-19 report card

The City of Amarillo released today (April 27) the latest version of the Amarillo Public Health Department COVID-19 Report Card. Several improvements have been made to the report based on community feedback including:

Total reported cases, recoveries, deaths, active cases and the daily change for both Potter and Randall Counties are now prominently listed.

Testing information remains on the report card, but please note, these are test numbers specifically reported to Amarillo Public Health. Community providers are not required to report the number of tests they conduct, so this is not a complete count of tests in the community.

Basic demographic information

A new line graph visually representing the case information

To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the report card, some previously reported elements were removed including:

Regional case information: Since counties outside of Potter and Randall counties do not report to Amarillo Public Health, we do not have the ability to report accurate numbers. Those counties DO report as required to the Texas Department of State Health Services, which has a robust website reporting the information at dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus

Transmission: This is a fluid situation, and so is the information we need to communicate. In mid-March, we needed to communicate to the community when we identified local transmission. Now essentially all cases are related to community transmission, so this category is less valuable than others like active cases, daily change and the line graph.

Isolation: Many of the hospitalized cases are from patients who reside outside of our district - therefore the information in this category is inherently inaccurate. The goal of communicating hospital capacity should be met in partnership with the hospitals.

Now that the City’s Public Health Department has a more reliable data set, it plants to add several additional data points and metrics to the City’s website, www.amarilloalerts.com, over the coming days and weeks.

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