Texas Tech cancels classes: Moving to online following Spring Break

Thursday morning, Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec sent out an email stating that all classes from March 23 to March 27 have been cancelled, with classes shifting to an online format starting March 30.

With classes shifting to an online format on March 30, this change will remain in place until further notice.

In order to help prevent travel and the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), students will be allowed to stay on campus during spring break in their dorms. Residence halls and dining halls will continue to operate as normal.

Schovanec also stated in his email that the status of Study Abroad programs will continue to be monitored until further notice.

Campus locations will remain open, which includes student housing, dining services and support operations. Faculty and staff are to stay on duty as usual, but Schovanec notes that extra precautions may be taken in the future if Chairs and Supervisors deem it necessary.

Restrictions on athletic events and other university events will be shared throughout the day, with information communicated from the University and Tech Athletics as information becomes available.

Tech has set up a website that features a FAQ and information on the coronavirus at https://www.depts.ttu.edu/communications/emergency/coronavirus/.

Schovanec also reiterated in his email that there are no known or suspected cases of the coronavirus among current students, either on campus or working outside the U.S.