Level Yellow: Local governments introduce new status level chart for coronavirus

The City of Amarillo, in coordination with Potter County, Randall County and the City of Canyon, has announced a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Status Level Chart for public education, awareness and updated factual information regarding coronavirus.

The chart consists of four levels for public awareness of Coronavirus in the Amarillo area, including confirmed cases. There are NO confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the Amarillo area at this time. Each level also includes information on preventive tips for the public and recommendations.

The city is currently at Level Yellow, which means no confirmed cases in Amarillo.

The City of Amarillo is also following recent recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC is recommending the temporary suspension of public events with large gatherings of people. As a result, the city is temporarily suspending the Amarillo Civic Center Complex for all gatherings and events, in accordance with CDC guidelines. The city is making contact with each event lessee and promoter impacted under these CDC guidelines. Related financial deposits for events will be refunded if events are unable to be rescheduled.

Please note that these CDC recommendations DO NOT apply to schools, institutes of higher learning and businesses. According to the CDC, these recommendations are made in an attempt to reduce the introduction of the COVID-19 virus into communities and to slow its spread.

As of today (March 16), the city will temporarily NOT issue permits for public events of more than 50 people – in adherence with CDC guidelines. Permits for public events of more than 50 people that have already been issued will be temporarily suspended. Refunds for permit fees for these events will be available. Requests for refunds should be submitted in writing and directed to the department that issued the permit.