Frenship, LISD, LCISD extend spring break

Tuesday evening, the Frenship, Lubbock, and Lubbock-Cooper ISDs announced the districts will be extending spring break due to the coronavirus.

"As the Lubbock community continues to deal with the unprecedented circumstances involving COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, educators in Frenship, Lubbock and Lubbock-Cooper ISDs are committed to providing academic services that are flexible in a healthy environment.

"Superintendents Michelle McCord, Kathy Rollo and Keith Bryant, have decided to extend spring break for students from March 23 through 27 for the three largest school districts in Lubbock County. Classes will reconvene on Monday, March 30. We are taking this action in order to prepare and train our educators in these remote learning curriculum protocols.

"We are sensitive to the concerns in our community about sending children to school during this outbreak, so beginning March 30, our districts are making attendance optional while this public health emergency is in place. Therefore, families will not be penalized if they choose to keep their children at home. However, we will require parents and guardians to inform the district of their decision and commit to remote learning provided by each district.

"We know closing schools can adversely affect many families who struggle with childcare and rely on the schools for food services. We feel making attendance optional with no penalties for absences gives families the options they need to make a decision based on what is best for their situation and alleviate their concerns.

"We want to reassure the Lubbock community and our families that we are researching, consulting with health care professionals, collaborating with community partners, and listening to their concerns," the districts said in a joint statement.