Amarillo's COVID-19 drive-thru testing site not seeing much traffic

Amarillo's Director of Communication Jordan Schupbach said the city's COVID-19 drive-thru testing site is not seeing much traffic Tuesday.

The city is operating the testing site from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday as long as tests are available.

“To have that drive through the testing facility is fantastic. The more we can take the pressure off the hospitals the better. The hospitals are going to be focused on hospitalized patients, maybe critically ill patients. To be able to move that testing site off-campus is fantastic. Its good to know that we are now getting the supplies to do that," Dr. Brian Weis, Chief Medical Officer at Northwest Texas Hospital, said.

If you have symptoms, call your healthcare provider instead of showing up at their office. This gives medical professionals an opportunity to give you the next recommended steps and set up isolation measures, if needed.

“Some of the main things we definitely want to look out for is maybe the individuals who have been in contact or they feel they have been exposed to someone who has been a confirmed positive for COVID-19 or maybe a person who has a cough or high fever. Those are definitely some key factors that we are looking out for when individuals do call, as far as screening is concerned," Marcus Nerios, prevention program coordinator at the Amarillo Public Health Department, said.

For people who do not have a healthcare provider, call the Amarillo Public Health Department at 806-378-6300. If the symptoms warrant a test, you will be given instructions for testing.

“I definitely feel that here in Amarillo, we are a very tight-knit community and I think it is good we have a lot of community resources that can come together to try and curb this epidemic here in our area, to lessen the risk factors of individuals becoming infected. We are attempting to do our best to help individuals and we are trying to make testing as easy and as accessible for individuals to take advantage of in our community," Nerios said.

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