8th case of COVID-19 confirmed in Castro County

On Friday, County Judge Gerber said there are now eight confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Castro County. Seven cases are in the Nazareth, and one in Dimmitt.

This makes 18 cases of COVID-19 in the Texas Panhandle area:

The Castro County Sheriff's Office wants to reiterate that citizens must observe the SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER. Hopefully the following information will assist citizens with any questions they may have:

Common Questions

Please note that these answers pertain to those who have not tested positive for the virus, those who have not had any direct contact with someone that has tested positive for the virus, and those that are well and are experiencing no symptoms.

1. Can I leave the county?

Yes, but only for essential needs. These include things like going to the grocery store or to obtain other essential household items. You may also leave if your work is considered essential and you have business outside of the county. Another reason to leave the county would be to obtain healthcare for yourself or a family member. Even going to bring essential items to a parent or other family member that is in need of your assistance would permit this travel. Of course you may do all of these things in county as well.

2. Can I go for a drive?

Yes. But, do not go pick up your friends to do so. You and your family members are welcome to take a drive, but please only do so with your family. Teens, you cannot be “cruising” together.

3. Can I go for a walk?

Yes! Please, get outside! Go walking, biking or running. But, if you see others out doing the same, practice social distancing and remain at least 6ft away. We discourage you from playing at any of the local parks as the virus can live on those surfaces for some time.

4. Can my friends come hang out at my house.

No! This is not social distancing and is definitely not shelter in place and is prohibited. You do not know who others have been in contact with. Please use technology to connect.

5. Can I check on my elderly neighbor?

Please do! But do so in a safe way. We need to make sure the elderly in our community are cared for. If you know someone who is alone, please reach out to them and ask if you can provide essentials for them. But, please don’t go over for coffee or a chat. Take them what they need and leave. If you want to have a conversation, do so over the phone.

Remember it is a crime to blatantly violate the SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER. Persons violating said order can be issued a citation or arrested. Anyone committing a criminal acts while the SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER is in effect, can be enhanced.