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Mac Thornberry endorses Josh Winegarner

Josh Winegarner
On Monday, Rep. Mac Thornberry announced that he and his wife are endorsing Texas 13th Congressional District candidate Josh Winegarner.

"I’m honored by Congressman Mac Thornberry’s announcement that he and his wife, Sally, will be voting for me in the Republican primary. I’m grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me, and I look forward to being a consistent conservative voice for our district when I’m elected to Congress," Winegarner said.

Here is Thornberry's full statement endorsing Winegarner:

When I announced that I would not seek reelection to Congress, I said that I would not try to pick my successor. While I have talked to a number of potential candidates to answer their questions, I have never asked anyone to run or encouraged anyone to run for Congress. It is a deeply personal decision that each person must make on his or her own.

I believe that there are several good candidates who are running to serve the people of the 13th district. There are also others, though, who seem to be running to pursue their own agenda.

With 15 candidates in the race for the Republican nomination, many people have asked me to express my views publicly about which candidate I believe would do the best job.

Like all voters, Sally and I must choose which of the candidates we want to represent us in Congress. We are looking primarily for two qualities, an attitude of true service and effectiveness in representing our district. We see only one candidate who is both running for the right reasons and can also be effective from day one.

Rep. Mac Thornberry
Sally and I have each decided that we will be voting for Josh Winegarner in the Republican Primary.

​ - He was born and raised in the district and has worked in the district for the past 14 years, a background that gives him a deep understanding of our needs and interests.

- He knows how to get things done in Congress, having worked for Senators Gramm and Cornyn and directed government affairs for the Texas Cattle Feeders.

- He is running to represent the people of the district and to serve them. It’s not about him; it’s about what he can do for the rest of us and for the country.

- Through hard work and genuine understanding of the issues, Josh will be a strong conservative voice, earning the respect of his colleagues and building a solid base of influence for the district which will continue through various changes on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

I continue to believe that anyone who has never lived in the district, never voted in the district, never worked in the district cannot adequately represent the district. Those candidates who have just moved here should try living here awhile, volunteering in the community, getting to know the people of our area, and then perhaps running for office.

I trust the voters to make their own decision for the best interests of the district and of the nation. I encourage everyone to take time to study the candidates, including their backgrounds and their positions on issues, and to apply some good, old-fashioned common sense in carrying out this important responsibility of voting.

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