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City announces Proposition 2 projects under budget and ahead of schedule

Amarillo voters approved Proposition 2 in November 2016 – a $20.1 million proposal to improve public safety, including projects for Amarillo Fire Department and Amarillo Police Department.

The recent groundbreaking for a new fire station – Fire Station No. 5 at 3200 S. Washington – is one of the final projects funded by Proposition 2. Construction on Proposition 2 projects is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2020 – two years ahead of schedule.

Voters got their money’s worth on Proposition 2  – which came in under budget and ahead of schedule.

“Thanks to the direction provided by the current Amarillo City Council, the city was able to move ahead with Proposition 2 projects and fund these projects under budgeted amounts and ahead of schedule,” said City of Amarillo Facilities Director Jerry Danforth. “We are grateful to the current council and city leadership for allowing the city to proceed in a timely fashion, which significantly helped reduce construction costs and improved the overall process.”

Due to projects coming in under budget, the savings were allocated to equipment for respective departments.

Here is a brief list of Proposition 2 projects, including equipment funded through budgetary savings:

Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare (including a quarantine/observation building): Proposition 2 budget - $1,610,898. Construction cost - $1,560,898. Equipment - $50,000.

Amarillo Police Department (including facility remodeling, parking lot expansions and a new police gym): Proposition 2 budget - $5,629,158. Construction cost - $5,114,414. Equipment - $475,135.

Amarillo Fire Department (including three new fire stations): Proposition 2 budget - $12,150,910. Construction cost - $9,625,010. Equipment - $2,525,900.

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