Canyon police looking for car burglary suspects

On January 1st, the Canyon Police Department was notified of numerous vehicle burglaries that occurred in the Hunsley Hills area around Country Club Dr, Southridge Dr, and Greenwood. CPD is asking for your help in two ways:

First, if you live if this area, please check your video surveillance footage from 12-31-19 at 11:00 pm to 1-1-20 at 7:00 am. This is the believed time frame where these many burglaries occurred.

The second is please lock your vehicles and hide / remove valuables. All of these vehicles were believed to have been left unlocked with several purses left inside. While the blame for these crimes ALWAYS rests on the shoulder(s) of the crooks, we have to do our best to safeguard ourselves against criminal activity. CPD cannot stress how much of a deterrent locked doors and hidden / removed valuables plays against burglaries of your vehicles.

These cases are currently under investigation and if you see anything suspicious please report it immediately to (806) 655-5005.